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Advanced Treatments



HydraFirm RF

This treatment is unique to our clinic combined with HydraFacial and SYLFIRM RF and is specially designed for clients who want to achieve more plump, rejuvenated and tightened skin. While maintaining results and a long term prevention in anti-aging.



Exclusive to our clinic only, this HydraFacial combined with Clear & Brilliant Laser is specialized to reveal a clearer and brighter looking complexion. With having minimal downtime you are able to see results of promoting the reduction of wrinkles, fine lines, pores, texture and even skin texture.


Sylfirm RF Microneedling

Unlike any other microneedling treatments on the market, with minimal downtime and little discomfort. Specialized to treat multiple problem areas like, acne,  PIH, lift and tighten, minimize pore and pigmentation, treat acne scarring, melasma and redness.


Sylfirm Acne

Using pulse wave energies to deliver radio frequency. Sylfrim acne can reset sebaceous glands to stop overproducing sebum. With higher energy delivery this device can permanently be a solution to acne.


Sylfirm RF Eye

Sylfirm Eye is a great treatment for eye lid laxity and to target fine line and wrinkles. With proper technique a fox eye look is also achievable.


Sylfirm RF Neck

Stubborn neck lines are no match for the Sylfirm X RF. Using specific energy outputs to stimulate type 1 and 3 collagen as well as elastin. Neck lines and laxity.


Sylfirm RF Scalp

With specific parameters Radiofrequency can stimulate new cell growth promoting scalp rejuvenation and hair growth.


Sylfirm X Lower Abs

Stretch marks on the lower abdomen can be repaired with Sylfrim X microneedling by stimulating new elastin and collagen growth to UN-stretch theses marks.

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Clear & Brilliant® Laser

A gentle laser resurfacing helps to minimize pore size, reduce signs of aging, lift superficial sun damage and provides a glowing, even tone and texture skin.

Laser Treatment

DPL Photo Facial

Utilizing a focused range of wavelength energy to effectively target Vascular/Pigmented lesions without downtime improving skin quality and appearance.  

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