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Art of
Medical Facial



VISIA Skin Consultation

In this 30 min of in-depth skin consultation we will discuss and understand your main skin concern and predict the damages lies in the deeper layers of your dermis and tailor a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve optimal results.

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On-the-Go Facial

Interested in achieving a more glowly, hydrating skin tone but don't want to take as long as a regular treatment. Designed for clients needing a quick facial experience, still resulting in multiple benefits. You will leave feeling pampered and your skin will thank you!


Dermaplaning Exfoliation Facial

Unique in-house customized treatment protocol combines with peels that's safe, yet an effective treatment that removes the dead skin cells buildup and vellus hair known as “peach fuzz". Allowing for product penetration and long term hydration leaving you with fresh, glowing, baby soft skin.

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Complete Glow HydraFacial

The ultimate customized HydraFacial experience combines with our unique mixology to restore skin natural youthfulness by adding extra hydration into the skin. If you are looking to reduce clogged pores, acne and dry skin conditions Customized Hydrafacial will be perfect for you. With minimal downtime you are able to see glowing skin the same day!


BHA Acne Peel

Using 20% salicylic acid combined with LED light therapy, this peel is formulated for oily, acnic or congested skin. Oil-soluble and anti-inflammatory, salicylic acid penetrates the pore lining to exfoliate trapped sebum and debris, while reducing redness. This advanced treatment should be performed bi-monthly during acute acne phase and monthly maintenance.


Decongest Bela Facial

Decongest Bela Facials combined with in-house acne protocol this treatment specializes in reducing clogged and congested skin, but will also treat acne and problem areas. By using a medical device + LED light therapy to pull out debris from unwanted pores while exfoliating and destroying acne bacteria at the same time.

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Calming Post Treatment Care 

Immediate post treatment care designed to promote faster healing, reduce downtime after treatments, reduces redness, irritation and promotes skin barrier recovery and immediate restore epidermal water.

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SkinArt Signature Facial

A custom mixology facial, specifically designed to however the skin condition is on the day. Every visit the steps are carefully adjusted to suit the skin.


Art of Microneedling

Microneedling stimulates bodies natural healing factors to heal from a wide range of skin abnormalities. Natural and sustainable.


Bela Perfect Facial

The Perfect treatment that utilizes 5 different technologies to target the skin from multiple areas. A well rounded treatment for all your needs.


JetBoost Facial

This technology was initially created to treat burn victims, after extensive research it was found that high pressurized oxygen infused with serums can be delivered directly into the papillary dermis where the skins fibroblast resides to re-energize and create new healthy skin cells.


JetVital Boost Facial

The Perfect treatment that utilizes 5 different technologies to target the skin from multiple areas. A well rounded treatment for all your needs.

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